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Short Term Mission Trips

Check out our list of mission trip communities below. There are youth mission trips as well as trips for college students and adults.

Mission Trip Communities
Junior High, Senior High, College, Family & Adult

Each year thousands of people visit this site looking for a short term mission trip. Some feel a nudge to do something that benefits someone else. Others are looking for adventure and personal growth. They have a desire to see, experience and discover their faith in new and meaningful ways. Adventure is a way to learn from others and explore what God is doing around the world. When it comes to Christian mission trips, some see it both ways. So do we.

When we perceive God working among us and become a part of his mission, we find adventure. The adventure is a result of the mission. We love the adventure, but it was never about the adventure. The mission comes first.

Experience Mission provides 6-14 day mission trips in a variety of locations that include the United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. To start searching, select a community location. We'd like to draw special attention to our Africa mission trips and the ongoing effort to help the earthquake victims with our Haiti mission trips.

For more information or custom dates and locations, please call the EM office at 888-475-6414 or email us here.


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